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PSE&G has been an absolute nightmare the last 13 years! They NEVER come read my meter, every single month results in estimated bills that are sky high.

Every time I call and complain, I get the same song in dance how someone was came to my home and no one answered. Complete total lie, I’ve seen them in my neighborhood and purposely skip my house, they are horrible. Then when someone did start to come, he comes 8AM while I’m on my way to take my kids to school, are you kidding me? I would think that would be an inconvenient time for most people considering that’s when people are going to work and school, but what else can you expect from a terrible company.

The customer service is horrendous, the representative are so disrespectful it is literally disgusting. I hope they never fall on hard times and need to make a payment arrangement and have to deal with the rude and ignorant condescending jerks who read from a script and pass judgement for being unable to pay off their bills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pseg Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They refuse to work with anyone, i have tried to reason with them no dice. All of their office employees are ignorant, will fight over the phone against you, and will not pick up the phone, youre pretty much sitting there on the phone all day and no one will pick up that phone...


they are the worst!!!!


I agree


The worst company everIt’s absolutely a nightmare