PSEG - Power out in first set snow of season 11/15/18

Power went out at 630 pm minute rain/snow mixed the grid i am on in Hicksville goes out with a little wind for some reason 8 to 20x a year sickening this day and age across the street on the entire block has power they still haven't fixed this issue 21 years here pseg took over 2015 problem is getting worse what the fxxk are you guys doing horrible customer service talking to computers
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PSEG - Misread, guessing numbers

I have contacted these *** no body picks up the phone in the billing department, tried numerous times no answer wait time 45 minutes, 45 becomes no answer my phone died during the wait unreliable...
Major overhead equipme failure last Friday. My powrr wad neverbtestored. 4 days witout power. Pseg remotely monitors and refuses to send technicians to hosr Refuse to take mybsevice calls. I am 65 yesr old diabetic with hesrt problems Nasty and very disrezpectful on...
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PSEG - Power outage

2 days mo power due to a power outage in the atea. PSE&G fdid not bother to chevk the outsife connections. Left a note and said it was insife. Never evrm bother. Still waiting for power i am a senior ciitxen on oxyzem. Horrinle serbicr
I'm an old guy on SS. I live in an apt. building. My bill was running around $45 a month. In September 2018. I got a bill for over $200+ dollars!! OK, I know estimated bills happen when the reader doesn't show or misread the number. fortunate for me this was not the...
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I liked
  • Immediate resolution of problem
I didn't like
  • Being told i would have to do the work to prove the overcharge
I'm currently on the phone with wait times. I am disputing a bill. It's been 45 minutes and I'm still on hold. It seems like they don't care that people are busy. They just let people stay on hold forever? I don't get it. I called customer service, who said I needed to...
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I didn't like
  • Wait times on the phone
  • Way their staff treats their customers
I am a PSEG Worry Free Coverage Customer for many years now. I needed to schedule repair of washing machine. Simple repair of timer stem. The part needed is available online and youtube video shows it takes less than 10 minutes to fix. Called to schedule repair in July...
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I will be going to the news media regarding how my power was shut off during a heat index of 105 over $356.00. I pleaded with the agent who came to my house to let me call and make a payment and he was rude and would not. I have two dogs and a small child in the house....
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Do not get the washing machine coverage as they will not repair when it is broken I have the pamphlet and the contract and neither one says anything about no coving the bearing. The pamphlet & contract says the only exclusions are External fill and drain hoses and...
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PSEG SAYS they want to help but they really do not. You get the same response no matter who you talk to, “it’s company policy.” Company policy offered me $25 when I lost $187 waiting for them to come out and then they RESCHEDULED my appointment without my knowledge....
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