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I took a day off to stay home for a scheduled appointment with pseg to change my meter. I called multiple times during the day to confirm the appointment.

No one showed up all day and I didnt get a call from them letting me know that they are not coming.

When I called to complain the best they could do was reschedule a whole day appointment one week away. Poor customer service

Product or Service Mentioned: Pseg Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I’ve been waiting for 19 hours and counting. They’ve told me the have someone in route to my house since 9:30 last night.

It’s now 8:45 am. This company is horrible!! This monopoly needs to end and end now. This state needs to allow competition to come in.

Then maybe these bills would go down and someone might actually show up. !!!!

Other than Verizon, this is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with!!! Hands down !!!!