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I hate calling them for anything because 10 times out of 10 you're getting Lakisha talking her nigra talk to you, " Are you yelling at me, yo phone mus be broke yo!" Bunch of lazy good for nothing street skanks, what does pseg only have job fairs in the ghetto or something? God forbid you have to do a billing change over the phone, I bet Lakisha tells her homeboys and homegirls how to turn the power back on a day after they get shut off for... Read more

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I have had to deal with PSE&G for years. I still remember their endless stream of screw ups restoring power after Hurricane Sandy. I also remember years of grossly over estimated bills because they were to lazy to send out someone to read the meter. Recently, I rented a new apartment. They sent me a bill with no meter readings on it and a long form to fill out. I paid the unexplained bill in full via online banking. After I received no follow... Read more

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I have signed up for PSEG Worry Free many years ago. Last year I called them because my wall oven was not working as it was over heating dangerously. They sent a technician and he said they need to replace 2 parts. It took them several months until finally on December 19, 2015 they called (I asked for an email too) and said they do not have contract with my oven's manufacture, Thermador, so they cannot order it. I have to find whoever carries... Read more

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I had automatic payments set up on my bank account for their service and I forgot to switch them when I switched bank accounts. They sent me a shut off email on the 18th for the 19th. I called and rectified the issue and was told they would be by to reconnect my service by midnight. I called multiple times and was told they would be by midnight. I called at 11 and was then told that she didn't know what I was talking about but they don't ensure... Read more

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Save your money don't buy a worry free contract. The Repairmen don't show up and customer service doesn't care.

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My account was overdue and I called to clear the balance. I was transferred to someone in collections who advised me that the amount was due in full immediately or the electric would be shut off. I told her that I could pay 60% immediately by credit card but the system couldn't accept more than that in a 30 day period. She said that she couldn't do anything because someone else "controlled" the account but that she was out for the day. The... Read more

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I tried to pay my bill today. It was the worst experience of my life. I was on hold for 2 hours, finally get someone and they tell me I have to call another number to pay then call them back. I almost started crying because now I have to wait up to another 2 hours again to give them a confirmation number. This is the worst service in the country. They are very unprofessional and rude and know you're at their mercy so it doesn't matter if... Read more

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Doesn't matter what you call them for, I have never spoken to a customer representative who was even remotely courteous! They are extremely rude and uncaring people who work for that company! They need to teach them how to speak with a person at the next staff meeting! Wish there was another option for us as far as a service provider but unfortunately we are stuck with them and at their mercy! Very unhappy customer here!!! Read more

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Although I make payments on the boiler repair account This time they refused to send someone out The thermo culp already had been replaced two months ago and the pilot light was working but the flame would not work Tonight the same problem pilot light working but the flame will not so I called PSEG and the young lady said no one will be out because I owe on the Boiler account I said I make payments let me speak to your supervisor again she... Read more

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Review about Pseg Electric Service Restoring from Centereach, New York
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My cable guy said there were too many Amps in my cable wires. I had to call PSE&G to fix the problem. PSE&G came and stated the cable guy didn't know what he was talking about, before checking for himself. When he did check the line, the said there was a "big" problem. The left and came back with a big box, and took me off line. 8 days later a repair crew came. Three trucks. After I explained what I was told, the repair man said, there... Read more

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